Sunday, July 2, 2017

Google launches a new data manager app for android-Triangle

s Mobile Legends and Waze, and more, Receive a 100MB welcome gift after completing registration.

Triangle provides a quick and easy way to check your data balance and understand what apps are having the most impact on your usage,The new triangle app features:-
  • Tracking your current data usage,
  • Using “Data Saver” to block unwanted data usage,
  • Checking your prepaid data balance (Globe and Smart prepaid users only),
  • Downloading and trying new apps without risk of running out of data (Globe and Smart prepaid users only),
  • Get extra data by using apps you have and love (Globe and Smart prepaid users only).
It’s your data, so you should be in control of how it’s used, Triangle’s “Data Saver” lets you control which apps use mobile data to block unwanted data usage,Allow specific apps to use data for 10 or 30 minutes at a time, or always,Extra megabytes leads to mega fun, Earn extra data with data rewards from apps you already use and discover when new apps have rewards.
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